Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Rockin' out at the American Idol concert

Yes, we are one of those. We totally went to the Idol concert, and yes, we loved it! I have to say they actually sound so much better live. I had a great picture of our group and some of David Cook, but the computer didn't transfer them and they got erased :( I am so bummed, but I have Jason Castro!!!!! I know he kind of is a love/hate with most listeners, but I love him. Here is one of my favorite songs he did, the picture is crappy, but you can still hear him.


The Reno Family said...

Happy Birthday!!!

atsimms said...

I love american idol, Jason Casto and both David's! I'm so excited you got to go! How fun.

Amy said...

Rock on! We went to the AI concert here...it was so much fun. We couldn't believe how good some of them sounded - better than on the show for sure!