Sunday, April 1, 2012

My bad habits

I'm one of those parents that happily puts their kid down for naps or bedtime with a bottle.  I have no issues with it.  I don't care what all the "professionals" say.  I need my kids to sleep.  I'll do whatever it takes to have them go down easily.  And all my kids have.  They barely fuss at all, sleep for long periods and wake up happy.

Just so you know, I only let them do this for a few months....I don't do it forever.  My kids get water and that's it at bedtime  now.  Even Presley.

Now that you know one of my bad habits, let me show you what I found a while back.

Apparently Presley didn't want her bottle at nap time.  So she squeezed the bottle until all the formula was out and then went to sleep.

How she could sleep on all the formula, I don't know.  All I can think about how uncomfortable and cold it would be.

Let me just say that after a few days of this she no longer got a bottle at nap time.

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