Thursday, December 8, 2011

Playing trains

My kids crack me up all day long. Especially when they do silly things. Things that make perfect sense when I think of them from their point of view.

Case in point; Presley loves playing trains with (or without) Hunter. But until recently it was hard for her to just stand for a long time (she wasn't walking all that early in her little life.) I also think she had a hard time reaching all the pieces. Eh, Or maybe she's just my kid and super lazy.

With that said, this was her solution.

Opening the drawer and CLIMBING in to sit and play. Problem is, she can't get herself out. Plus, the last thing I want is for the table/drawer to get broken. So I snapped a quick picture and then got her out YET AGAIN.

And yes, she is wearing her jammie pants with her dress instead of her matching leggings. Don't ask.

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