Thursday, March 24, 2011

Yesterdays funny story of the day.....

Just as a warning, this story will have only one (completely unrelated) picture and a liberal use of the word "hell."

So, yesterday I was driving Madison to school.  I let her sit up front since it's so hard for her to climb over the other kids and get out when we get there.

Avril's new song "What the Hell" came on the radio.  I was debating in my mind if I should change the radio station.  I always changed it when All-American Rejects song that had "hell" in the lyrics came on, but hey, I like Avril's song and nothing else had been on the last round of station-flipping I had done.  So I wasn't sure what was more important, good parenting or a good song.  I was mostly just hoping the kids were distracted enough to not notice what was on the radio.

As I'm debating it in my mind, Madison looks at the radio console and reads "What the Hell" out loud.  She looks at me and clasps her hands over her mouth so fast.  She KNEW she wasn't supposed to say that word.  She didn't really do it on purpose, so I wasn't mad, but I just said to her, "Madison, you know that's not a good word to say."

Immediately Hunter pipes in using the sweetest, most innocent little voice and says, "What the hell, mommy?" , "What the hell?"  (yeah, I know you can't understand anything the little guy says, but  of course this was unmistakeable and clear as day.)  Just like hwe would say if he used the phrase correctly.  He sounded so adult I couldn't believe it.

He was just repeating what Madison said and was trying to figure out what it meant, but I lost it.  I was laughing so hard I almost hit the car in front of me.  I still laugh thinking about it. 

I'm just hoping he doesn't decide to try out his new phrase at preschool.

And yes, the lesson is learned.  I will now be changing the station IMMEDIATELY when Avril's song comes on and the kids are in the car.


Ashby Family said...

Ok that is REALLY funny!

Liz said...

How funny! I'm always surprised at the things kids pick up when they are listening to the radio/CDs/adults talking.

Kitty said...

They're so funny! I like the new picture you had posted of the kids.