Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hunter's preschool Chrismas party

Hunter's in two different preschools so he always has something fun going on between the two of them.  This year he had a family preschool Christmas gift exchange and party at Ms. Nancy's.  He had so much fun! 

For their December field trip the kids got to go to the Dollar Store and they each got to pick out one thing for themselves and one thing for their assigned friend from school (I got no pictures, I was too busy corraling 6 3-4 year olds).

At the party they took their friend's toy to him/her.

Then they got to open their own present

This is Hunter's friend Lucie, she was the one who got him his monster truck.  Funny story, last month I drove on their fieldtrip and ended up with Lucie in my car.  She gets in the car and sees Hunter, turns to me and says, "I like to kiss Hunter on the lips."  Hunter turns to me and says, "Yeah, I like to kiss Lucie on the lips, too."

I'm pretty sure I'm going to be in trouble with both Hunter and Madison when it comes to the opposite genter.  Ey-yey-yey.

After the kids sang songs and exchanged gifts, they were able to decorate some cookies.  The kids had so much fun!  Ms. Nancy even let Madison do a little decorating too! 

Thank you Ms. Nancy and Ms. Catrina for such a great Christmas party!  We all had so much fun!

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