Wednesday, December 8, 2010

12 Days of Christmas: Post #3

I'm always on the hunt to find products that I like, things that make my life easier, but most of all, products that simply do what they are supposed to do.  Here are a few that I found this year that I recommend.  Thank you to my friends that originally recommended them to me.....I'm always grateful for help in making my life easier.

My top pick of favorite discoveries from 2010 is this:  Shout grease stain spray.  I LOVE this stuff.  Seriously.  You know when you get spots on your clothing and nothing will take them out so you end up having to throw them away?  Yeah, this stuff gets those spots out.  No joke.  Even if the item of clothing has been washed and dried multiple times.  I have gotten out chocolate, spaghetti sauce, random grease stains and so on.  If my regular OxyClean stain spray didn't get it out I go with this.  I have a really hard time finding it, I tried 3 Targets, 4 grocery stores, and finally found it at Wal-Mart.  I made a special trip there to get it and I bought now I don't have to go back for a while.  Try it, especially if you have kids.  Oh, and did I mention the fact that it gets out the nasty newborn poop that gets everywhere when they explode?  Oh yes, it does....

My other favorite cleaning product is a drain disposal foam cleaner.  I find it at Target, it's not very expensive but it cleans my sink disposal and makes it smell heavenly.  It's pretty awesome.  I hate having a nasty sink so I use it about every other month and it makes me feel better about being a crappy house cleaner.

I discovered 2 different lotions in the last year and I love them both.  Living in the desert makes for some seriously dry skin, I have tried almost every lotion out there in the past 10 years and I'm pretty sure I won't be changing these products any time soon.  They both work amazingly well.  And funny enough, I get both of them at Costco (they are cheapest there).

I use Amlactin when my skin is especially dry, it works so well, and it is super thick.  I don't love the smell of it so I often will mix half-and-half with my Jergen's cherry almond lotion (yum).

The other lotion I love is a 100% Shea butter.  I find it at Costco for $15 for 4 jars.  They last a LONG time and smell divine.  If your Costco doesn't have them, they are on Amazon for $15 for 3 jars.  They make my hands so soft, I love it!

I promise I have fun posts of family things coming....I just don't have all of my pictures on the laptop and I haven't been blogging from home.  Delta is offering free internet access on their flights so I have been able to blog from the airplane during our 5-6 hour flight to and from NYC.  Cool, huh!

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Rachel McEwen said...

I love reading your lists. It is always great to see products that work and are loved. At what wal-mart did you find the shout. I want some:)