Friday, December 24, 2010

12 Days of Christmas: Post 11

That's right, post 11 belongs to our little Missy-May, Presley Anne.  She is so sweet and happy all the time, she has been such a fun addition to our little family.

She has learned to say "Mama" and "Dada."  She, of course, said "Dada" first, but only a few days later she moved on to "Mama," which makes me so happy.  She mostly just babbles right now, but when she is in her crib and wants out she does cry "Mama."

Everything still goes in her mouth....this stage is rough because I have soooo much tile and even if I vacuum it twice a day there is always a crumb or rock to put in her mouth.  She hasn't started solids yet, except for the little melty crackers, because I HATE solids for babies.  She is doing just fine on bottles, growing like a weed and chunky as ever.  I'll start her some time early next year.  I think Madison was about 14 months when she went to solids and Hunter was about 9 months, so she's right on schedule for my kids.

She started crawling, which does not make me too excited.  It's so filthy and my kids get into EVERYTHING once they get mobile.  It's a pretty recent development so I'm still training myself to remember that she can move around, so now I have to keep my bedroom door closed when she's upstairs (she likes the stairs and I'm afraid she'll roll down them.)

She loves to explore and look, touch, taste everything in her path.  She is so curious about her surroundings.  She's not a very fast crawler, but she is steady.  She can get from one spot to another without me realizing she moved at all.  She hasn't learned to follow me around yet, she'll crawl to an interesting something-or-other, but when I leave she sits back and cries for me to come get her.

She has become really attached to me (I think it's just that stage of development) but she wants to be held ALL.  THE.  TIME.  My arms ache constantly and I have a hard time getting anything accomplished when she is awake.  I don't remember my other two being this clingy.  Once she is picked up she is the happiest baby ever, and she'll put her head on my shoulders and snuggle for a minute.  Oh, how I love her snuggles.

She finally got her first tooth in the last week or two.  It has barely come through, so I can't even get a picture of it yet! I love the gummy smile that babies have, not that I don't think teeth are cute, but the biting is not!  I'm so grateful for the Hyland's homeopathic teething tablets, oh my goodness, I don't know what I would do without them!  She has had the roughest time getting her teeth out and I'm not really fond of giving my babies under a year old Tylenol.

She is still an amazing sleeper.  At bedtime we feed her a bottle, lay her down, put her blankie over her and she does a half cry as she lay's her head down, and then she is out.  It is wonderful!  She still doesn't sleep through the night every night, but she only wakes up once, eats and goes right back to sleep, so I don't really complain.  She won't sleep in her carseat (she never really has liked it) but give her a bed and she is OUT.

We're so glad she came to our family.  She definitely tops the list of my "favorites" for this year.

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Liz said...

Awww, she is so dang cute! I bet your arms are nice and toned from toting her around everywhere!