Thursday, November 4, 2010

I {heart} October 2010

As I've mentioned in blog posts of past, I love the month of October.  I have to say that this year was a tad disappointing compared to some of the October's that we have enjoyed.  Now that Madison is in school full time and Hunter is just starting to get into the celebrations (not to mention the fact that he is in 2 preschools, that in itself seems to leave us with very little free time) I no longer participate in the many fun activities Vegas has to offer.  It's funny, growing up I never in a million years would have ever picked Las Vegas as a place I would consider moving to, but I love it.  This city is surprisingly family friendly.  Much more than Memphis.....

Anyway, there were quite a few activities that we passed on this year, but the one activity that my kids and I look forward to all year long is the Pumpkin Patch.  A friend set up a group time for us on a non-school day and we had so much fun!  AND this year it moved to a new location.  It is no longer in the parking lot of a casino....I actually miss it there, I thought it quite apropos that Las Vegas' "Pumpkin Patch" was in a casino parking lot, but it was a lot nicer. 

While we were in Minnesota for my Aunt Lori's wedding (I'm kicking myself, I didn't get any pictures with the bride and groom.  I was too busy getting family pictures....I actually have a recent one of me and my sisters, YAY!  I have the cutest sisters.) I was able to take my kids to a REAL orchard/pumpkin patch.  It was wonderful.....we had apple cider doughnuts YUM homemade apple cider YUM and apple cider and onion bratwursts YUM.  I enjoyed it! We also got to take a hay ride, the kids loved that.

I got some of my favorite pictures from the past year there too (the autumn page at the top is comprised of pictures all taken at the orchard).  We were able to go with 4 of my sisters, 2 brothers-in-law, 2 cousins + 1 girlfriend, 1 set of aunt/uncle and my parents.  It was quite a group, but we had a wonderful time with everyone.  I'm hoping there is another family wedding soon, it seems to be the only time we all get together!  Our entire family had a wonderful time.  Congrats Lori and Jason!

Next up Madison had her Halloween Parade at school.  I tried to get Hunter to wear his Superman costume to it, but he was being a stinker that day. 

We ended up going to Utah for a really, really quick trip the weekend of Halloween....the kids had Friday off of school and so we headed up to see Aunna and Phil.  We fit in a BYU basketball game (the final score: 101-52, BYU.  At least one of our sports teams is good this year.), a family movie to see "Despicable Me," trick - or - treating at the Provo Town Center mall where the kids were able to see their cousins for a quick hello, and, of course, family time (aka football).  It was a packed 48 hours, but we had a great time.

Our kids were able to get a quick round of trick - or - treating in once we got back from Utah.  Ryan took them around our neighborhood and they got a few goodies for the next week.  My rule for candy is: for 1 week the kids can have 1 piece of candy a day, then Ryan gets to take it to his co-workers.  I don't like candy and I REALLY don't like my kids eating it.  It makes them monsters, more so than usual, so that is my compromise.

I'm alway sad as October comes to an end.  It will be an entire year before the festivities start up again, the holidays begin to come upon us with all their stress, and the realization that another year has passed so quickly startles me.  I hope all of your Octobers were as enjoyable as ours.


Julie said...

and it's already completely scrapbooked! I'm so impressed!

Caitlyn said...

I love all these scrapbook pages! They're great. And I like your new(-ish?) aingeworld picture thing at the top!