Monday, July 5, 2010

3 months old already! Where has time gone?

Presley is such a happy girl. She loves attention and gives the sweetest smiles to anyone who talks to her. She still loves to be held and will now follow people around the room as they move.

She has discovered her feet and loves to grab onto her toes. I LOVE her little fat rolls, they are so dang cute!

She is starting to give us different facial expressions when we talk to her....I love watching our kids grow and develop different skills. She is cooing and mimicking our mouth's movement and trying to figure out how the heck we make the sounds we do! It is so fun to watch.

The other day I went to get her out of the car and discovered her headband around her mouth. It explained why she cried the entire way home! A few days later I watched her grab her headband and try to pull it off but it ended up over her eyes instead. Poor thing.....I torture her to death with her bows, but she is so cute with them!

Madison was trying to calm her down one day and this is what I found. I think she might be a tad bit too young to play with a sword.....but hey, at least she was willing to help me out!

Happy 3 months mark Presley!

As I look over the posting I realize that Presley is in her carseat A LOT. I feel so bad for her but we are in the car the majority of the day. It's just part of being the 3rd kid. It also explains why she cries every time I put her into her carseat. She knows that once she's in it will be a while before she gets out again.


Laura said...

Hey girl long time no see. You think #3 is in the seat alot wait till you hit #4, and #5:)

JR and Brynn said...

She really is going to resent you for all those headbands. :) Just kidding - they are so adorable. She is 100% gorgeous!! Love those big pretty lips and her darling smile. I could just eat her up!