Monday, May 3, 2010


Over Christmas we were able to go sledding together as a family at Rock Canyon Park. Now, as a family that meant that everyone got to sled except for me. I finally get Ryan to go sledding, which I have been begging for at every opportunity-anytime we were near snow I would tell him how much fun it was and beg to go. I LOVE sledding, it's awesome. Anyway, I get the family to the sledding hill and of course I'm pregnant and therefore not allowed to have ANY fun. Well, I guess taking pictures was fun, but come on, really????? I did go down the baby hill once, I couldn't leave without one run. Ryan, of course, now loves sledding and talks regularly about how we are taking the kids next time there is snow in Utah and we are there.

I just roll my eyes. What else can I do???? I married a Cali boy and introduced him to the world of snow skiing (the one time he went in high school doesn't count, I've heard the story, he didn't ski, he slid down the hill and thankfully didn't kill himself).

As a general rule he hates the snow and cold (I think it's hilarious that he served his mission in Canada- Heavenly Father does have a sense of humor).

I took a ton of pictures, so this posting will be full of them.

Here is our little guy all bundled up. He makes such funny faces at me. He was quite excited, he just didn't know what to make of all the snow we had during Christmas.

I got this one of him at the top of the hill and I can't resist it. He was pointing to the hill wanting to go down. He just melts my heart, he has me wrapped around his little finger. He is such a monster but he gives me a sweet look and I melt. I'm such a sucker.

Here the sledders are, getting all settled in and ready for some fun.

Madison could not get enough of the hill. I'm pretty sure she cried when we left. She is such a daredevil and had no fear at all. She went down from the top and didn't even think twice about it.

We even had a baby sled for Hunter. He was 2, but he didn't know how to hold on so we used this one which buckled him in so he couldn't get hurt. He LOVED it. He laughed the entire way down. His entire face lit up. It was awesome to watch.

But of course we had to pull him back up the hill. The one good thing about being pregnant was that Ryan had to do all the hauling. There was no way I was going to slip and fall and lose my baby over sledding, at least that was what he told me. Who am I to argue???

Those of you who know me well are very well aware of my lack of coordination. I can't walk without tripping over my own feet.

Ryan even took Hunter down a few times with him on the "Big" sled. Hunter loved that one too, but it made me a little nervous.

There were a few wipe outs, but thankfully no one got hurt. I think Madison even liked wiping out a little bit.

The smile and laughter tipped me off

The kids were so sad when we left that Ryan used a shovel and made a ramp in the back yard of his parent's home when we got back. The kids were in pure heaven. I wouldn't let Hunter go on this one, it was not safe enough.

Madison and Robbie got a good amount of air on the jump Ryan made. The first few times they went down they couldn't land it and got a little hurt so he had to make it a little smaller.

I think their favorite was going down the hill together. I think Madison cut off Robbie's oxygen. She held on for dear life.

Poor Hunter had to find other ways to amuse himself while his sister and cousin sled at the house. He got nice and wet in the snow......

....and he found the John Deere. He'll "drive" for hours.

We had so much fun that day. Hopefully next time I can sled with them.....and maybe we can find a sledding hill with the tow rope to take us to the top....that's how I like to sled :)

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Parker and Jes said...

I love the sledding pics! (And Ryan makes me laugh! If it weren't for us these boys would be missing out on so much!) And...have you heard of Soldier Hollow? It has a tow to pull sledders to the top of the hill--you would love it!