Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dance time

Madison started dance class this last year. She really enjoyed it, shocking, I know....She chose Ballet and Tap as the class she wanted. Each term she quickly moved up to the next class, which is great since she was one of the oldest kids in her classes and is semi coordinated.

At the end of each term the teacher would let us come in and watch the class to see how the kids did. I was smart enough to bring my camera for one of the show-and-tell classes so I could get some good pictures. (I need a better lens, but I don't even want to begin trying to figure out which one I want, so at this point I can't zoom much better than this). But seriously, look how straight Madison is sitting up, I am so glad she loves taking dance classes. I'm having her sit out this session because I just can't juggle dance classes and having a baby...I'm so mean.....

In December her teacher had a recital for all of the classes, it was so cute! They all got costumes and learned a dance to a Christmas song. For being 3-6 year-olds they did really well (I included the video clip so you can watch the dance). Madison LOVED learning a dance instead of just doing warm up exercises and she thought it was so fun to have a "prop" during the dance. She was practicing all the time at home, but told me that she was disappointed the routine only had ballet and didn't get to showcase her tapping talents.

I just cannot get over how big and grown up she looks in pictures now...especially in these ones. She did a very good job of perfecting her "Diva" pose for the pictures we took. Needless to say it was not too much of a stretch for her.

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Famous Amos said...

SO fun! Madison does look so grown up. I need to get Adi in a ballet class. Our city does tumbling for 6 weeks at a time. I signed her up and she insisted on wearing her tutu every day. Luckily her teacher didn't mind!