Thursday, December 18, 2008

Another typical day at home in Utah, I mean Las Vegas...Wait, I'm confused, did we move?

We were in Utah last week and it snowed quite a bit on us. I was so relieved to come home to Las Vegas where we suffer through 115* summers for the sheer pleasure of not having snow in the winter time. So I thought, anyway. Apparently all the weird weather has landed in Las Vegas and we had a freak snowstorm yesterday. It hasn't snowed this much here in about 40 years. Here are a few pictures of the snow at our house. Our area, it seems, got hit the hardest, we had 5-6 inches of snow by the time it finally stopped. The freeway exit to get to our house was closed and the last car to attempt going up it only made it half way. It's not like Vegas has snow plows! It was still pretty warm so the snow was slushy, which just made it super slippery. Ryan got stuck on our street right next to our house and we had to get 2 neighbors to help me push him in to our driveway (He is not that bad of a driver, his car just has rear wheel drive, which is a no-no in the snow, but we live in Vegas! ). I did take a loaf of my Pumpkin chocolate chip bread to them as a thank you today. Madison loved that!

So enjoy laughing at us crazies for suffering through the blistering heat and now the stupid snow.
We aren't.
This is what our back yard looked like after about 2 hours of snowing. Not bad, right?
Can you see the table in the back? It is dark, I know, but you can see the depth of snow on top of it.
This is our front yard and the street where Ryan got stuck.

Look for the bike in the top right corner, it is buried.


The Bell Fam said...

That is so crazy!! A white Christmas is Vegas! Who would have thought? Hope you guys had a great holiday! Love ya.

atsimms said...

WOW!!!! So what did your kids think> Did they get to play in it? Do you guys even own hats and gloves? (: Ha, ha. Be thankful you don't live here where it has been snowing sideways for days and you can't go outside with out the inside of your nose freezing as you breath in!!!! Global warming?

atsimms said...

p.s. Loved yor Christmas pic. You look so good! (: Have a great day.