Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's a go!

Well, one more down. We officially have another wedding coming up in our family. We are so excited, we have all really liked Brian from the beginning. I think Amily & Brian are great together. We are not certain of the date yet, but it looks like April. She is brave, her wedding and birthday will be in the same month.

Amily and Brian have been dating almost seven years now. It took her a year to convince him to date her, he was her flight instructor and almost 10 years older than her. I loved listening to her stories of how she was so in love with him and all the things she was doing to get him to cave. I think she was only 19 at the time.

I have to say I am green with envy because she somehow convinced him to buy her a 2.25 carat diamond. I guess I should have dated Ryan longer and I would have gotten a bigger rock.

Maybe one day.....When we were dating Ryan kept telling me that he would buy me a new diamond for our ten year anniversary- I never would have asked at that point. I keep reminding him that we don't have that much longer to go before our 10 years is here. What is his response? He says he bought me a bigger house instead. What do you think? Is it a copout?

So, now in our family we will have a Brian Collins, Colin, Brian and Ryan. I figure it goes with all the A's we have. It fits. Poor Phil, we figure he probably feels left out so we tell Allie she has to marry someone with the last name of Phillips to complete the utter confusion.


Liz said...

Yep, total copout. Doesn't Ryan know that the larger house was actually for him? You are in the house more than he is, so you are the one who has to deal with the space and the kids. in the space. Yes, the larger house does help you, but it helps you be happy. And everyone knows that for a guy, "a happy wife is a happy life."

So really, the larger house was actually for Ryan. Since he got a house, you should have the rock.

Christensen's said...

You will have to tell Amily congrates for us!!! Wow, that is so cool!! So does that mean she will have the wedding here in Tx??? Please!!! We need an excuse for you to come here!! Maybe just a party... anything???!!!!
Wow 7 yrs!! That is a long time, most marriages don't make it that long. Way to go Amily!!! She should write a book on how to get the man! Congratulations Amily!!!