Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Which shoe are you?

You Are Cowboy Boots

This doesn't mean you're country, just funky.

You've got a ton of attitude and confidence.

You're unique, expressive, and even a little bit wacky.

You wear whatever you feel like รข€“ and you have your own sense of style.

You are straight shooting and honest. You tell people how it is.

Low maintenance and free wheeling, you're always up for an adventure.

You should live: Where you can at least get to wide open spaces

You should work: In a job that allows you to take change


atsimms said...

Okay I took the shoe test and I am clogs--comfortably stylish and dependable, which I guess matches. I love these cute tests you have. I need to figure out how to blog them.

Liz said...

I'm a clog. Kind of funny because clogs are my favorite type of shoe. According to the quiz I need to live in Europe--I am so down with that.