Thursday, March 20, 2008

Our little mommy-in-training

Some days Madison just wants to be the mom of the house. The other day we were trying to get out the door to run some errands. She was adamant about taking her "baby" Dydi. She made sure she got the carseat, a burp cloth, and a bottle for her doll. Then, in the car she got so upset that there was not a seat next to her for the carrier. We compromised and put the carrier on the floor next to her so she could take care of her "baby."

When we got to the store she wanted to take everything in just like I do for Hunter, I was not so excited about that. We compromised again and I carried Hunter in the baby carrier/sling thingy and Madison got to sit in the front of the cart and hold her baby. It was an interesting errand day for us, but, at least I got the pictures to go with it.

I must say, the favorite part of this picture for me is how her baby is falling out of the carrier and the burp cloth is over the face. As a disclaimer-I do not do this to Hunter! He is always strapped in correctly and I never put anything over his face.

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