Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Look how big I am!

This is our little Hunter. I realized so many of my past posts have been about Madison and I don't want to ignore my favorite guy in the world.

Hunter is 3 months old now and such a joy. He only cries when he is hungry or ready to go in his bed for naptime (Iknow, I know, I am spoiled-I have the best kids in the world). He hasn't rolled over yet, but he has mastered spit bubbles. They are his favorite pasttime.

He loves his little activity chair, he LOVES to stand up. He can get it to play music and moves the teeter totter bears. His other favorite thing is sucking his hand and/or thumb. He is not too particular. It is soo cute right now!

He practices his smile at every opportunity, and has already figured out flirting. He just started giggling, and it is the sweetest sound.


atsimms said...

Boy babies are so much fun! I love the smiles and giggles phase!

Taylor Family said...

Can you believe how fast they grow!! Crazy stuff!!

Amy said...

Amanda, thanks for sharing your blog! When was Hunter born? I have an almost 3-month-old but she seems still so babyish compared to your little guy in the photo! My blog is recently updated but there's lots of photos of the girls!

Anonymous said...

You forgot to add that his favorite Uncle Fill picked out this outfit for him:) He's gotten so big! When are you coming to visit me?