Thursday, March 20, 2008

The learning games

Here is a picture of Madison teaching Hunter how to roll over. He still hasn't gotten the hang of it, but it was sooo cute. Right now she is trying to get him to say Mama, dada, and Madison.

Before he was born we would ask Madison if she was excited for a little brother. She would say yes, and then proceed to let us know what she was going to teach him. "Mommy I am going to teach baby Hunter how to eat, read stories, play with (blank) toy, sing songs, etc." It was so sweet.


The Bell Fam said...

Happy Easter you guys! Good luck to your Memphis team. Cute pictures. Thanks for sharing. I can't believe how grown up Madison is. That is nutty...she was just barely tiny, wordless, running around with Coop. Crazy.

Laura Larsen said...

I found your blog. Your kids are cute. I hope Madison feels better soon. You need to bring her over and play with Haydin.

Taylor Family said...

That is too cute!! I loved all your pictures. You have become quite the blogger!!