Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Daddy Daughter time

Madison and her Daddy have a special bond. All day long she asks me when he is coming home. She asks to call him at work all the time, she finally got tired of hearing no, so she has started "texting" him during the day. Texting her daddy consists of her grabbing whatever phone is nearby and pushing all the buttons as fast as she can before I can get to her and grab it away. It is sweet, but I just keep waiting for the day when she unknowingly gets that one call through to India.

Their favorite thing to do together is go to Burger King. Any time I have something on a weeknight or Saturday morning they go and eat and Madison gets to play. A few Saturday's ago she wanted to go so bad, but I was with them. She looked at Ryan and said to him, "Daddy, how about we go to Burger King and mommy can stay home."

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The Bell Fam said...

That is the sweetest story I have ever heard about her "texting" her daddy. That is adorable. I love it! I love having a little daddy's girl. Isn't it the best to see them with their little princesses?